Graphic Design Projects


Logo created for Health Reform Michigan website.

I have created custom logos for many projects over the past 15 years including this one for the Health Reform Michigan website in 2013.


Cover image of Aven 2014 Product Catalog.

I have created a few product catalogs for different projects including the 2014 Aven Tools Inc. Product Catalog the cover of which is shown above.

Banner Ads

Designed this banner ad for my website.

I have designed banner ads of all sizes in portrait and landscape orientation for use on many websites including the World Martial Arts College site that I also designed.


This photo was taken in 2014 for my daughter Ruth's senior pictures.

Extensive experience with photography and photo editing used for many different projects including web design, brochures, product flyers, print advertising, and more.

Print Advertising


I have designed multiple print advertisements for different projects including an ad for the Cyclops Microscope which appeared in Quality Magazine in 2015.

Business Card Design

My Business Card.

I have designed business cards for co-workers, managers, and other clients since 2009. This one pictured here was from 2012 when I redesigned my website.